synopsis: subjective adventure where you are the main character. when you are about to win a uno cards game, your friends get you into the world of uno, starting a vertiginous journey where you will become a star.


year: 2013
title: be the uno
format: viral interactive app facebook – 16:9 hd
camera: red epic
agency: manifiesto
client: mattel
direction: pio pio stories
production companies: pio pio stories & celofán audiovisual

cast: marius praniauskas, joan scufesis, ann m. perelló, laura prats
direction: josep m. gifreu, ignacio f. rodó
executive production: carles ventura, ignacio f. rodó, laia r. san juan
production: ignacio f. rodó, adriana calvó
director of photography: olmo sobrino
art: ivet dinarès
editing: josep m. gifreu, laia r. san juan
music: kevin macleod
assistant director: edgar vicho
costume design: clara jung