synopsis: kay and jose, victims of the crisis, decide to take the law into their own hands. are they sure they know how far they want to go?


year: 2014
original title: ejecución hipotecaria
english title: foreclosure
language: spanish
genre: thriller
runtime: 8 minutes
format: short film hd – 1.85:1
camera: red one mysterium x

cast: josep julien, carlus fábrega, david casulleras
direction: xavi saucedo, josep m. gifreu, laia r. san juan
screnplay:  xavi saucedo, laia r. san juan, alberto lópez
production: miriam botí
director of photography: sergi lafuente
art director: vinyet escobar
editing: alberto lópez, laia r. san juan
music: alfred tapscott
song ‘tengo una casa’: albert pla, judit farrés
still photography: sandra solorzano