synopsis: at the age of 3, alicia starts taking polaroids of everything that happens in her life. when she turns 20, she decides to analyse where this obsession for photography comes from, and makes a review of her memory, her photographs.


year: 2013
original title: sinécdoque
english title: synecdoche
language: spanish
genre: experimental
runtime: 21 minutes
format: short film hd – 1:1
camera: polaroid 635cl, polaroid 340, panasonic ag-af101

cast: cristina rodríguez, hugo guzmán, clara schwarze
idea & direction: ignacio f. rodó
screenplay: ignacio f. rodó, irene moray, david casulleras
photographs: irene moray
art: rubén darío
voice direction: ignacio f. rodó, david casulleras
music: nico casal
editing: josep m. gifreu, laia r. san juan
sound: héctor xiqués, francesc gosalves
still photography: cyprien clément, jessica suárez, sandra solorzano