spanish: pio pio english: tweet tweet
chinese: zha zha german: piep piep

pio pio is the spanish onomatopoeia to represent the sound birds make. we want the name of pio pio to be as international as possible, so we are starting a campaign to get to know how to say tweet tweet in all the languages we can. in order to have a genuine guide, we want a person from each country to record themselves saying the onomatopoeia in their language in front of the camera, so it can be seen and heard perfectly.

if you wanna be part of our campaign, you can do it by sending us a video in one of the languages we don’t have to or through file exchange servers such as wetransfer.
you can see all the videos in our youtube channel and follow its repercussion in our twitter and our facebook profile.

french: cui cui russian: chik chirik korean: jjek jjek polish: ćwir ćwir
estonian: säuts säuts malaysian: cip cip basque: txio txio catalan: piu piu
dutch: tjielp tjielp icelandic: bi bi latvian: čiu čiu macedonian: cr cr
portuguese: piu piu italian: cip cip turkish: cik cik croatian: ciju ciju
greek: tsiu tsiu armenian: jiv jiv lithuanian: čyru vyru finnish: tsirp tsirp