synopsis: party night in a clandestine pub at the 50s. a couple starts dancing while a group of girls sing in the background. the guy expects her to give him a chance to prove his love for her.


year: 2012
title: watch what happens
runtime: 3 minutes 30 seconds
format: music video hd – 1.85:1
camera: red one mysterium x

cast: sergi bittán, paz garcía
band: coda

director: ignacio f. rodó
idea: ignacio f. rodó, josep m. gifreu, laia r. san juan
director of photography: olmo sobrino
production: meri ingelmo
editing: laia r. san juan, josep m. gifreu
art: rubén darío
assistant director: javier mateos
costume design: diana levy
make up: claire frank
still photography: irene moray