they don’t let you say anything? then say pio pio!

this creative campaign got 102 participations and more than 5.000 views between May and November 2012. the briefing was the following:

because all of us have something to say and we all want to be listened, we suggest that you participate in this experiment. to do so we invite you to record yourself in three videos: in the first one saying ‘yes’, in the second one, saying ‘no’, and in the third one, ‘pio pio’ (or if you prefer it, one single video that includes the three words). you can send it to or through file exchange servers such as wetransfer.

the video we attach here is a collection of samples, that must be an example, but not a guideline. while you can be seen and heard well, let your imagination fly as much as you want. take advantage of this space to give free rein to your creativity. take out the actor you have inside!

the answers were published in the yes ‘n’ noes youtube channel as we kept receiving them. we also made a tracking of its repercussion in our twitter and our facebook profile.